8:00 PM20:00

Funny Song Fest 2

post strip show song fest5.jpg

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Comedians and musicians making funny music.

Featuring Joe Matarese (Comedy Central and America's Got Talent)

Funny folk songs by Angela Sharp

Silly Alt-rock band Chair-O-Dome

Andrew Castertano's rhythmic bits

Nicole Halsey's hilarious operatic parodies

MC Republican Bubblegum's Gangster Rap 

John McGinley's Intense Dance Number

Jonny Rocket's Psychedelic Rock

Momoh Pujeh's Hip-hop Mastery

and Andrew Steiner's Usher parody

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6:00 PM18:00

Comedy Against Poverty


There's a lot of hunger, pain, and suffering out there in the streets. Let's add some food and laughter to the equation.

60% of the proceeds go to food for the homeless. 

Upper tier tickets can come and join us as we purchase and distribute food after the show.


Usama Siddiquee (Just For Laughs)

Eagle Witt (Caroline's On Broadway)

Melissa Diaz (West Side Comedy Club)

Brett Kline (Dangerfields)

Alex Payne (New York Comedy Festival)

Andrew Steiner (New York Comedy Club)


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